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Elevate your monitoring experience with Xitoring. Whether it's Uptime Checks, a Public Status Page, Linux Server monitoring, or Windows Server monitoring, we've revolutionized the process for quicker setup and configuration. A single command copy-pasted into your SSH or Powershell installs Xitogent, our cutting-edge monitoring agent, and you're ready to roll!

Monitor Up to 2 Servers and 8 Uptime Checks for FREE!
Includes a Comprehensive Status Page.
No time limits, no credit card required.

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IT Monitoring Solutions

All-in-One Simplicity!

Xitoring brings you a complete, unified solution to ensure the seamless operation of your infrastructure, servers, applications, and business processes.

Experience unmatched cost-efficiency while gaining the power to oversee your entire IT landscape from a single panoramic view.

Linux Server Monitoring

With Xitoring, managing Linux Servers becomes effortless. A simple command deploys Xitogent, our monitoring agent. Your server's data is continuously relayed to us, and we transform it into insightful visualizations. Automatic triggers, graphs, and uptime checks tailored to your data keep you in control.

Uptime Monitoring

Xitoring supports a spectrum of protocols—Ping, HTTP(s), DNS, IMAP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, Heartbeat, and more—each customizable. Define intervals, fault tolerances, and unique notification channels for each check. Stay informed, respond swiftly, and keep disruptions at bay.

Windows Server Monitoring

Monitor Windows servers holistically with Xitoring's comprehensive solution. Combining server and uptime monitoring, this feature provides a comprehensive overview. Instantly assess your server's performance and the accessibility of services from external sources.

Public Status Page

Guard against customer loss due to downtime with Xitoring's Public Status Page. Your real-time and historical uptime data can be shared with customers, ensuring rapid responses to downtime incidents. Elevate customer trust, curtail support inquiries, and personalize the page under your own domain branding.

Key Features

Innovations that makes your daily routine easier!

Easy Setup

Adding uptime checks is as simple as providing IP and Port, also you scan use our Auto Discovery by providing a hostname and we offer which services you can monitor!
For Server Monitoring, it's more simple, copy-and-paste one command and Xitogent will be installed with zero pain!

Automatic Configuration

After your server is added, we'll automatically run Service Discovery and start monitoring your PING, HTTP, DNS, FTP, etc and also Metric values (CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Network, etc) don't worry, you don't need to manually create a trigger for each, we'll automatically create one for you!

OS Support

Xitogent is our light weight agent that can be installed on your Server, doesn't matter if it's a Windows Server or Linux server. Major distributions of Linux, and Windows Server 2008 and above are supported.

Easy Management

You'll have plenty of features including Notification Management, Incident Management, Access Roles, Customizable Dashboard, etc. Our goal is to provide plenty of information within a single dashboard, therefore you can observe all servers at a glance.

3 Steps to Get Started!

Amazing, how easy it is to get your servers monitored!

  • 1

    Free Sign-up

    Choose our Free Plan and register in a minute, you can always upgrade your plan later in order to add more servers and benefit our advanced features!

  • 2

    Add your Server

    Copy-and-Paste our Installation command and we'll get everything done! automated installation, adding the server to your panel, service discovery, setup triggers, and everything to prevent your waste of time!

  • 3

    Enjoy Xitoring!

    Now you'll see plenty of information about your server including metric statistics, services, softwares, network information, and more! We'll also notify you in case of a trouble on your services

How It Works

See how you can add a server in just 20 Seconds!

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