Our Vision

Xitoring is poised to become your exclusive monitoring hub, offering the combined strength of server monitoring and uptime tracking within a single, intuitive application.

What's Xitoring?

Xitoring is an innovative monitoring platform (SaaS) for IT infrastructure. We offer several products in one app to save you time, and money: Server Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, API Monitoring, SSL Monitoring, and an included Status page!

For Server monitoring, we gather data from your server using our agent (Xitogent) to make sure your server is doing fine to avoid any downtime, and performance issues, and increase your customer’s satisfaction.

Our global probing nodes are always monitoring your servers and as soon as a hiccup is detected, we’ll notify the right contact. We’re continuously working to make our software better and provide incredible features in the future.

Introduced in 2021 to make a revolution in the Server Monitoring industry for those who are tired of those traditional ways and looking forward to next-generation monitoring.

Our Story

Xitoring is founded by experienced system administrators and the reason for the foundation is that it didn’t exist, so we had to use several apps to monitor our servers and always waste time configuring monitoring checks and triggers for each server. We decided to make the whole process easier so we made everything from scratch in a new, easy, and practical way. We exactly know what’s the concern for system administrators and managers, because we have been already and currently been in their shoes!

We’d say Xitoring is an aid to System Administrators and CTO’s pains.

How much time does it require to configure monitoring for 100 servers? Assuming you have to manually configure all triggers, notification roles, etc. and still, you have to use different platforms, one for uptime monitoring and the other one for metric monitoring which gathers data from your server probably from SNMP (which’s always a pain to get it configured and network problems in place). The initial configuration takes a lot of your time, after you are done with the configuration it’s also hard and time-consuming to keep them updated (IP changes, new services running, etc).

We are here to make these works simple, we let you copy-and-paste one command on your SSH (doesn’t matter one server or hundreds) and we do the rest! All metric data (CPU usage, Load average, Memory usage, Disk statistics, Disk IO, Network statistics, Software information, running Services, Networking details, etc) will be sent to Xitoring via our Agent on your Server periodically and you can see them in one dashboard. At the same time, all our global nodes are monitoring your servers to make sure they’re Pinging and other checks like HTTP, DNS, FTP, etc are working without any problem.