Xitoring now supports AlmaLinux!

We’re proud to announce that our Agent for Server Monitoring “Xitogent” is now fully supporting AlmaLinux 8.

AlmaLinux is one of several Linux distributions jostling for position as “the new CentOS” in the wake of Red Hat’s December 2020 deprecation of its own free-as-in-beer Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone distribution.

By Installing Xitogent on your AlmaLinux server you can easily gather all server statistics and data without hassle, and Xitoring does the most for you. Including service discovery, creating initial checks, generating graphs, configuring initial triggers, etc.

Xitogent runs as a service on your server and automatically send your server statistics continuously to your nearest Xitoring’s Server and we use the data to generate graphs or find out if something’s wrong on your server (e.g. we’ll automatically notify you if your CPU or memory usage is above normal). It runs on a recurring interval and sends statistics to the nearest probe node, we’ll use the data to make sure everything is fine on your server and then use it to make useful graphs (Server Load, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk IO, and Disk Usage).

If you’re new to Xitoring, you can register in a minute and start monitoring 5 Linux servers at no cost forever!

About Xitogent

Xitogent is a python-based and open-source application that is the core of our innovation, Xitogent can collect data from your servers in an efficient way. it’s very lightweight, easy to install, and configurable.
We are always developing Xitogent to improve and add features, At this time Xitogent has been tested on all major Linux Distros which are the most used OSes in the market.
You can read more about Xitogent here or on Github.

About AlmaLinux OS

AlmaLinux, an open-source community-driven project hosted by a non-profit foundation, intends to fill the gap left by the demise of the CentOS stable release. AlmaLinux is an enterprise-grade server OS, initially built by the team at CloudLinux, that is owned and governed by the community. CloudLinux has committed a $1 million dollars annual endowment to support the project. AlmaLinux OS is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL 8 with plans to support future RHEL releases by updating AlmaLinux OS.




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