Advancing Precision Monitoring: Region Selection for Monitoring

Dear Xitoring Community,

You said and we heard, the latest and exciting feature from Xitoring: Defining the regions you want to be monitored from for each Uptime Check and Servers.


Quick Glance:

Uptime check - region Selection


This feature can be accessed when adding a new Server or a new Uptime check.

Soon, additional nodes from a new region will be joining our monitoring network, expanding your options for a truly comprehensive and global monitoring experience.

Strategic Node Selection

Imagine orchestrating your online services like a global symphony. Each region represents a unique section, and now, you can appoint the ideal conductor (node) for each segment. Whether it’s West EU, Canada, Australia, or any other region, select the monitoring node strategically aligned with your objectives.

Elevated Precision in Monitoring

Bid farewell to generalized monitoring as precision takes center stage. This feature ensures that your checks receive bespoke attention, tailored to the particular nuances of each region. It’s akin to having a dedicated curator for every locale, ensuring your services resonate seamlessly across the global landscape.

Effortless Implementation

Simplicity is paramount in our approach. Configuring your region-specific monitoring nodes is a straightforward process. Navigate to your dashboard, access the check settings, and choose the node and region pairing that best aligns with your objectives. No complexity, just refined control.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new feature. How do you envision leveraging this precision in your monitoring strategy? Share your feedback with us, and let’s continue refining Xitoring together.

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