Xitoring integrated with Slack!

Xitoring is now integrated with Slack to keep the entire team in sync. Slack provides a group chat platform for agile teams, making it easy to keep distributed groups informed and productive through real-time sharing of information and integration with third-party systems. You can now automatically send all incidents and warnings from Xitoring to Slack through this integration.

This integration will send the same information that you see in Xitoring incidents and receive on e-mail or SMS. The following types of information will be sent from Xitoring to Slack in real-time.

  • Incidents on Servers (e.g. CPU usage is high)
  • Incidents on Checks (e.g. HTTP is down)


This integration is available on both Free and Paid plans!



You need a Xitoring account and a Slack account to create this integration. Configure the integration in Slack first.

Create Webhook on Slack

In Slack, go to the integrations section of the account configuration.

  1. Create a new Incoming WebHooks integration.
  2. Choose or create a channel for the Xitoring notifications to be sent to. (e.g. #Incidents)
  3. Copy the value of the Your Unique Webhook URL field.

Create the integration in Xitoring

  1. Navigate to the ‘Notification Roles’ page and modify your desired item.
  2. Enter the URL from step 4 above in the Webhook URL field.
  3. Click the Test button. After a short delay, you should see a message appear in your Slack client in the channel you selected.
  4. Save changes.

Receiving Incidents on Slack

After proper configuration, you will receive incidents from Xitoring for both Servers and Checks on your desired Slack channel for the entire team.


You can always contact our support team if you need any help enabling the Slack integrations.

Stay tuned! more integrations are coming soon.


Xitoring on the News – March 8, 2021

Xitoring Introduced Innovative Server Monitoring Platform for Those Who Are Tired of Traditional Ways of Server Monitoring

Xitoring has created SaaS server monitoring that’s simple to set-up and understand but is complete and reliable; offers free lifetime server monitoring – up to five servers

NEWARK, Del.March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Xitoring, a software development company in Delaware, has created a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that allows for a single command setup of server monitoring. Eliminating the tedious hours of setup, configuring alerts, and struggling with dashboards, Xitoring lets users set up server monitoring with a single command in their SSH. The system then sets up a dashboard, creates appropriate notifications, and provides natural language information, not simply data points that need to be interpreted. More information is available at www.xitoring.com.

Xitoring is offering lifetime server monitoring, with its complete package, for free on up to five servers. No credit card is required. Interested users can log onto www.xitoring.com and register their servers, add a single command line to the SSH, and have world-class monitoring in minutes.

“It seems like everything else in the world has gotten simpler,
except server monitoring,” said Mohammad Oslani, CEO of Xitoring.
“Typically, you spend a lot of time configuring the service, setting
up notifications, and interpreting a bunch of raw data. Xitoring is a
single command line, and we take care of the rest. It’s that simple.”

The traditional setup of monitoring on one server takes a while. Setting up 100 servers is a full-time job. With Xitoring it can all be done in minutes. Copy a single command line into your SSH, and you’re done. Xitoring is designed to do all the rest for you. Monitoring all the servers on your network, notifications of issues, and a simple, easy-to-read dashboard that shows performance charts on every server are what make Xitoring a powerhouse service that no firm should be without.

With its exclusive concept in server monitoring, Xitoring is able to track servers anywhere on Earth. The team setup function allows for messages to be delivered to an entire group, as opposed to a single person. Spreading the messages around to many people, particularly in different time zones and countries, allows a company to have 24-hour responsiveness to server issues.

“Metric and uptime monitoring, auto-discovery, automated triggers,
and server overviews, it’s all built into Xitoring,” Oslani said.
“Incident reports are created to describe the issues in plain English.
There are even automated alerts that let the right people know
when a server is having issues. This is the fastest, most effective
way to monitor your servers’ performance without the hassle of
weeks of setup.”

Xitoring is an innovative monitoring platform (SaaS) for servers. They bring data from servers using an agent (Xitogent) to make sure the servers are operating well, avoid downtime and performance issues, allowing companies to increase customer satisfaction. Xitoring was introduced in 2020 to revolutionize the server monitoring industry for those who are tired of cumbersome, traditional ways and are looking forward to automation in this vital part of their jobs.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact us at 302-273-1383 or email at [email protected]

Xitoring Launched!


We’re proud to introduce our initial release of Xitoring, a Software as a Service, cloud based, and innovative Server Monitoring platform for who those are tired of traditional ways of Server monitoring.Our service is backed by cutting-edge technologies and using re-innovated software models that makes the whole process for the users much easier and faster.

You may ask yourself, there are already so many monitoring companies out there, why there should be a new one in 2021? well, we have been a customer of all those companies and they never deliver what we expected, the ease of use, the ease of installation, and the ease of configuration! we had to repeat the whole process again and again to start monitoring one of our servers. Xitoring is founded by experienced system administrators and the reason for the foundation is that it didn’t exist, so we had to use several apps to monitor our servers and always waste time. That’s why we spent years building this application, and we delivered very late, but it’s bullet-proof, because we made everything from scratch in a new, easy, and practical way.

Well, you already figured out the problem with other companies. Yes! the complexity of process for the user to add a new server to the monitoring system and configure checks, triggers, and alerts from scratch for each. Then, what’s our solution?

  • We let you add servers using one command, you may add hundreds of servers using Ansible or similar tools
  • Xitoring automatically create common triggers for Checks (HTTP, DNS, FTP, etc.) and metrics (CPU, Memory, etc.)
  • We provide the exact reason, not data, and you will know why you’re having issues.

You can discover all Xitoring features!

Try monitoring 5 server for free!

Installation in a few seconds!