No more unnecessary investigations, Scheduled maintenances is here!


We are thrilled to announce the new feature on Xitoring, that lets you create “Maintenance Schedules” for your uptime checks and servers in order to avoid false positive alerts or inaccurate reporting of downtime during a maintenance window. The feature is available for free and paid users without any limitations. Selected monitoring Checks or Servers will be paused during the maintenance window, also the status will be reflected on your Public Status Page automatically to inform your users.



Is it necessary to pause monitoring during maintenance?

It depends on the type of maintenance being performed and the specific requirements of the organization. In some cases, it may be necessary to pause uptime monitoring during maintenance to avoid false positives or inaccurate reporting of downtime.

For example, if the maintenance activity involves taking the system or service offline or making changes to critical components, uptime monitoring may need to be paused until the maintenance is completed. Otherwise, the monitoring system may generate false alerts or report false downtime, which could lead to confusion and unnecessary investigations.

On the other hand, if the maintenance activity is not expected to impact the uptime of the system or service, uptime monitoring may not need to be paused. In fact, continuing to monitor uptime during maintenance can help identify any unexpected issues that may arise during the maintenance activity.

Ultimately, the decision to pause uptime monitoring during maintenance should be based on an assessment of the potential impact of the maintenance on system uptime, as well as the specific requirements and objectives of the organization. It is important to communicate any changes in monitoring to relevant stakeholders to ensure clear expectations are set.


If you need help creating your first maintenance you can read more on Docs or contact anytime!



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