Xitoring Introduces Webhook Integration for Incidents


We are happy to announce our latest feature: “Webhook for Incidents”

Notification channels on Xitoring let you receive Incidents and Alerts about your servers and websites instantly. we are constantly working to add more Integrations to Notification Channels including Google Chat, Mattermost, and more.

we’ll go over how to set up webhook integration in Xitoring and give an example of what Xitoring will post to your webhook URL.

Creating a Webhook URL

To get started, you need to create a webhook URL in your server or application. This is the URL where Xitoring will send the webhook notifications. It’s essential to make sure the URL is publicly accessible and can receive HTTP POST requests.

Configuring Webhook in Xitoring

Once you have a webhook URL, log in to your Xitoring account and go to the Notification Roles page. From there, you can create a new notification role or add a webhook to an existing role. Then, enter your webhook URL in the field provided and click on “Send a Test Notification” to verify that everything is set up correctly.

Request breakdown

The following table is a guide to making it easy to integrate the Xitoring webhook feature into your application.


idinteger0The incident ID
groupstring“test group”Name of the Group that check or server is assigned to
sub_groupstring“test sub-group”Name of the Sub-group that check or server is assigned to
server_idinteger1ID of the server
check_idinteger1ID of the Check
labelstring“test server”Server or Check label
namestring“total”Trigger name. e.g. total, used, keys
typeinteger20According to the type list below this table
type_human_readablestring“ping”ping, http, dns, ftp, …
unitstring“mb”some incident have units like MB or GB, mostly metric values
valuesting“”Most metric incidents have values e.g. memory usage at time of the incident
statusinteger00 is down and 1 is up
messagestring“”The body of the message client gets
incident_timeinteger“”time of the incident

You can always be informed of our latest releases here.

If you have any questions, you can reach the support team at support@xitoring.com

Stay tuned for new updates! 😎

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