Xitoring v2.10: New Features, 12 New Integrations, and Bug Fixes

Welcome to a new era of server monitoring with Xitoring v2.10! In a landscape where technological evolution is relentless, our latest major release stands ready to redefine your monitoring experience. Packed with an array of innovative features, from a revamped Notification Role system to seamless integrations with leading communication platforms, Xitoring v2.10 empowers you with greater control, deeper insights, and heightened efficiency for all your monitoring needs.

New Features for Improved Monitoring:

Redesigned Notification Role:
Xitoring v2.10 introduces a completely revamped Notification Role system. We’ve taken your feedback into consideration and refactored this crucial feature to make it even more intuitive and powerful. Now, customizing notification roles according to your team’s preferences is easier than ever before.

New Widgets for At-a-Glance Insights:
Understanding your server’s health has never been more convenient. With the new “Overall Check Status” widget, you can quickly assess the general health of your monitored assets. Additionally, the “Checks with Most Downtime” widget helps you identify problematic areas that require immediate attention, ensuring optimal uptime.

Expanded Integration Options:
We understand that effective communication during incidents is vital. Xitoring v2.10 introduces a wide array of new integrations to enhance your notification capabilities. From the familiar ring of a phone call to the familiarity of WhatsApp and the collaborative power of Microsoft Teams, Mattermost, and Discord, we’ve got you covered. And that’s not all—integrate with Splunk on Call, Spike.sh, Google Chat, Opsgenie, Pushover, Pushbullet, Ntfy, and Gotify to streamline your incident management process.

Email Confirmation for Sub Accounts:
Security and accountability are paramount. With email confirmation for sub-accounts, you have an extra layer of protection for new account creations, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access.

Streamlined Actions:
Managing multiple checks is now simpler with the new “Add to Status Page” and “Add to Maintenance” bulk actions. Now you can easily create a maintenance schedule or a status page from the Uptime page.

MySQL Integration Query Alerts: Empowering Proactive Monitoring

In the realm of server monitoring, staying ahead of potential issues is crucial. With Xitoring v2.10’s MySQL Integration Query Alerts feature, we take proactive monitoring to new heights. Rather than merely observing queries per second, we empower you to set custom alerting rules. Visualize query activity over specific periods and receive alerts when MySQL queries exceed defined thresholds – all designed to keep you one step ahead of performance challenges.

User Experience Enhancements:
We’ve made improvements across the board, including an optimized sub-account creation form and an updated Intercom chat widget position for a smoother user experience.

Intelligent Alerts:
Xitoring v2.10 is smarter at identifying repeated incidents with paid notification channels. Receive warnings that help you make informed decisions regarding your communication strategy.

Confirmation for Custom Recipients:
When customizing recipients within Notification Roles, ensure accuracy with the new confirmation step, minimizing the risk of miscommunication and enhancing security.

Expanded Access Control:
Sub-accounts now have access to additional items, including Maintenance Schedule management, Email Reports, and Status Page control, empowering your team to take ownership of monitoring processes.

Bug Fixes for a Seamless Experience:

  • Several bugs related to sub-accounts have been resolved, enhancing the overall experience.
  • The status of paused checks has been fixed, ensuring accurate monitoring insights.
  • Docker trigger issues have been addressed, providing smoother Docker monitoring.
  • A billing error related to a request price of 0 has been resolved.
  • Heartbeat interval inconsistencies have been fixed for more accurate monitoring.
  • Graph scales for metrics and integrations have been adjusted for clearer visualization.
  • Network graph auto-refresh now retains the selected network adapter for improved user experience.
  • The “Last Month” filter for Uptime Checks has been fine-tuned to provide accurate insights.12


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