A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Is it free to use Xitoring and What's included?

Yes! You can use Xitoring for 5 Servers and 20 Checks for free and upgrade for more servers when you need it.

There’s no need for a credit card and the free plan is for a lifetime!

How do I add my servers?

After sign-up login to your control panel, copy your unique Command and run on your desired servers, and then we’ll do the magic and start monitoring¬†Xitoring your servers!

What type of monitoring checks are supported?

Xitoring supports checks for Ping (ICMP), DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP, IMAP

for Server monitoring, trigger and monitoring can be set for CPU, Memory, Disk IO, Disk Usage, Network statistics , and more!

How do I upgrade my Plan?

You can easily upgrade your plan anytime to add more servers!

Just navigate to app.xitoring.com on the “Billing and Subscription” page and build your desired plan.

Is it safe to use Xitoring?

Yes, Your data are transported on SSL and stored on encrypted storage.

Also, our Xitogent is open-source and you can check out the code on our GitHub page, you can be sure that we are not collecting any critical information from your device. You can see the data we collect here.

Read more on Xitogent page.

How is the learning curve?

while Xitoring has many professional features, we have designed it simply so it has the minimum learning curve. It’s pretty easy since the beginning, we’re here to help whenever you need our help.

Our documentation is available on https://xitoring.com/docs/

Do I need to buy other services to get complete monitoring for my server(s) ?

No, our cutting-edge technologies will monitor your device(s) in every possible way and our team is developing new features and tools on a daily basis.

We offer both Server monitoring and Uptime Monitoring (check) in one-app.

What other help is available?

You can always reach us for further information and help.

We’re available over:


Feel free to contact us anytime you have a question

About Us

Introduced in 2021 to make a revolution in the Server Monitoring industry for who those are tired of those traditional ways and looking forward to Automation