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Easy Installation

If you are a technical guy or you are only the owner of your company, it does not matter for you to get Xitoring installed on your servers, by running only one single command on your CLI you are all set up! we'll automatically add your server to the Dashboard, detect services you are running, setup proper triggers for each check, and a default notification role for the case of incidents. You'll be able to add plenty of servers in just a few minutes.

Xitogent supports Windows Servers and major distributions of Linux Servers.

You can also use our Ansible playbook to deploy Xitogent on plenty of servers in a minute!

Server Metric Monitoring

You have a data/resource sensitive website and/or server, so you know how important it is to monitor your metrics like, cpu usage, memory usage, bandwidth usage and etc., but Xitoring knows how important it is to keep track of these data for you and showing you also the live and realtime metrics to let you analyse your servers and resources easier!

Uptime Monitoring

It is always a pain to see your website be not reachable and it is more painful to lose customers because of this issue happening a lot and you are not aware of it. Xitoring will monitor your servers and IP addresses and will let you know if something is wrong with them. Our resolution and interval is less than one minute for all checks and all plans.

Auto Discovery

You must have been tired of trying to detect services on your servers every time you are going to monitor your system, but Xitoring solved this problem for you and you do not need to do it by your self. Xitoring will detect all active services on your servers and will track them automatically for you.

Automated Triggers

It is that much easy to setup triggers with Xitoring, and even a non trained person can do this, and it is because Xitoring will take this action for you. It will generate triggers for your checks automatically, you can edit or remove them later as you would like.

Servers Overview

Xitoring knows how important your time is for you and your business, so Xitoring is not going to waste it and let you go through different pages to find out your servers. You can have a look at all of your servers at once and check their status at once, so it will save you a lot of time and at the end manpower for overviewing your server resources.

Incident Reports

Xitoring knows it is not only important to report an incident, but to report the root cause of that incident. In this way, Xitoring helps you and your technical to solve the problem easier and faster. If your server has an incident you will get enough information to identify the root cause of that issue. And this is what Xitoring is proud of!
Incidents notification can be delivered via Email, SMS, and Slack. More channels are coming soon.

Alert Management

With alert management and different notification roles, which Xitoring is providing you by default, you can alert the right person for each incident. We at Xitoring know, time does matter during any incident, so Xitoring will notify the correct technical person after each detected incident.

Access for Teammates!

You are a big team and have more technical persons who are taking care of the health of your servers and website, it is no problem for Xitoring, as you will be able to grant all of your teammates with different access rights and even give them a portion of servers to take care of.

Global Probing Nodes

By having different collector nodes around the world, Xitoring guarantees you the fastest and best detection for incidents on your servers. Xitogent which is responsible to collect data from your servers, will communicate to the nearest node to your server and the data will be sent to generate graphs and monitor. You can be always sure the detection is even before your customers will notice any issue with your servers!