Heartbeat Monitoring

Ensure oversight of all scheduled tasks with Heartbeat Checks

Receive automatic notifications in case your backups or scheduled tasks encounter unexpected issues. Compatible with your existing toolkit.

  • Free for 20 Heartbeat checks
  • +15 Notification Channels
  • Easy integration for all programming languages
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Graphs and historical data
  • Customizable occurrence and periods
Getting Started

How does heartbeat monitoring work?

Monitor Your Services With a Unique URL

Monitor your servers’ automated jobs with Heartbeat monitoring. Define your job’s expected execution interval, ping after successful execution, and get alerted if the HTTP ping is not received! It’s also easy to set and integrate with any programming language and CLIs including Curl, PHP, Go, Python, Perl, Rust, Java, Javascript, etc.

Heartbeat monitoring use cases:

  1. Cron Job Verification
  2. Task Scheduler Oversight
  3. Automated Process Validation
  4. Batch Job Monitoring
  5. Workflow Integrity
  6. Background Script Supervision
  7. Event-driven Application Monitoring
  8. Database Maintenance Jobs
  9. Resource Cleanup Confirmation
  10. Service Integration Validation
  11. .. many more!

Get alerts and notifications in your favorite channel!