Xitoring Integrations for Servers

Easily setup integrations within a minute, no extra software, or manual configuration

Welcome to Xitoring’s Integrations Hub, the central nexus for seamless connectivity and powerful monitoring capabilities. Dive into a world where our integrations effortlessly synchronize with a diverse range of software and services, supporting both Windows and Linux servers for a truly versatile monitoring experience.

Explore our extensive list of integrations, spanning critical components such as Nginx, PHP, Apache HTTP, Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, PHP Supervisor Service, and more. Xitoring’s commitment to compatibility ensures that, whether your infrastructure runs on Windows or Linux, you can monitor it with ease, gaining valuable insights and maintaining optimal performance.

Whether you’re managing a complex web of services or overseeing a streamlined operation, our Integrations page is your gateway to a unified monitoring experience. Stay ahead of potential issues, streamline your workflows, and ensure the continuous health of your systems.

Xitoring’s Integrations: Where versatility meets efficiency, supporting both Windows and Linux servers. Elevate your monitoring capabilities today.

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