Public Status Page

Keep everyone up-to-date with a public status page

Xitoring’s Public Status page allows you to display the status of your Uptime monitoring checks and let other people see reports publicly on the internet. It helps to effortlessly communicate with your customers to build trust and reputation. It’s vital to keep your customers informed about any updates or issues within your application or business, also, keeping them updated means they are less likely to lose trust in your brand and enhance customer satisfaction.

Why not keep everyone up to date with a public status page today? Sign up and create your first status page at no cost.

Status Page Features

  • Custom Domain or a subdomain
  • SSL Protected
  • Public or Private Status page
  • Google Tag support
  • Announcement banner customization
  • Maintenance integration
  • Disallow robots and Search engines
  • Assign any uptime checks to the status page
  • Customize the order and label each Uptime check
  • Include graphs for any uptime check with customization
  • Translation (i18n) to any language!
  • Custom branding, colors, logo
  • Custom CSS
  • Multiple layouts
  • and more!
Xitoring Public Status Page

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    Sign up

    Choose our Free Plan and register in a minute, you can always upgrade your plan later in order to add more servers and benefit our advanced features!

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    Add Checks or Servers

    Add your uptime monitoring checks or install Xitogent on your servers to automatically discover possible uptime checks on them using our intelligent discovery system.

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    Create Status Page

    Now you can easily create one or multiple status page for your customers, on your custom domain, to show your live and historical uptime and service status.

Xitoring Status Page Features

Custom Domain

Using a custom domain gives your customers a more professional and cohesive experience because it is easier for them to remember. It also contributes to increased trust and credibility because it appears more like an official company website.

Start Free

It does not matter which of our plans your are using, free or paid plans. You are able to access the public status page and share the details to your customers. However we provide more customizations for our paid customers, which help you as a paid customer building more trusts and providing more transparency to your customers.

Share Uptime

If transparency in server structure is one of the keys in your business, Xitoring helps yo staying transparent with your customers all the time and increase their trust in your business.

Increase Customer satisfaction

Increasing customer satisfaction is vital for your business as it can lead to increased revenue and growth, reduce customer churn, improve reputation and brand image, and create valuable feedback that can be used to improve the business overall. Xitoring's Status Page helps you and your customers to stay connected to each other.

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