Our Difference

Find out how we are different from our competitors, and why we say that we made innovation in the Server Monitoring industry.


  • Adding 100 servers takes +1 hours
  • Only Uptime monitoring or Server monitoring
  • Manually adding Monitoring Checks
  • Manually adding Triggers
  • Hard to see all servers in a glance
  • plenty of data, hard to find the cause and answer


  • Adding 100's of Servers in a minute!
  • Integrated Uptime + Server monitoring
  • Automatically Create Monitoring Checks (e.g. HTTP, Ping, DNS, FTP, etc)
  • Automatically Create essential Triggers
  • View all Servers in a view
  • Provide the root cause for all incidents

Benefit for roles in your Organization

Learn more about Xitoring benefits by role


As a CEO you need to quickly and easily know what is happening in your organization from a business management point of view. The comprehensive dashboard gives you the big picture views that can help you run your business and infrastructure more efficiently while at the same time helping you deliver the white glove customer service your clients deserve.


Advance your organization’s systems, stability, and security! Your role is vital to delivering a healthy and uptime infrastructure for the organization in order to minimize profit loss and increase customer satisfaction. You’re working with several System Administrators, we make you able to create a sub-account for all teammates with ACLs for each.

Sys Admin

As the system administrator it is critical that you are aware of all servers and infrastructure, we bring everything together. Not only we collect many useful data, but also provides a reason for each incident to save your time.
It’s always a time waste to add many servers into a monitoring platform and configure each, we make it easy to add and configure them in an innovative way using CLI.