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Xitogent app is the core of our innovation, Xitogent can collect data from your servers in an efficient way. it’s very lightweight, easy to install, and configurable.
We are always developing Xitogent to improve and add features, At this time Xitogent has been tested on all major Linux Distros which are the most used OSes in the market.

Xitogent on Github

We collect the below data which is necessary for monitoring a Server.

  • CPU Information and Usage
  • Memory Information and Usage
  • Storage Information and Usage
  • Processes
  • List of Software and Services running
  • Docker Information and Containers (if installed and running)
  • Network Statistics via Netstat (if installed and running)

You can see a sample of data we collect from your server here.

We provide customizable graphs for all data, and also you will be able to set triggers and alerts for each segment.

You can easily install Xitogent and add your server to your Xitoring app in a matter of seconds, Yes, that’s one of our strong points. you just need to run one command in your server’s terminal, Our installer will install Xitogent and it’s dependencies, Checks and Triggers will be configured automatically and we’ll send you an email notification upon the server is successfully added to the Xitoring app, We designed everything to be simple and as fast as possible.

The Estimated time to install Xitogent on a Linux Servers is only 20 seconds!

You can find more on Xitoring Documentation

The Xitogent runs as a service on your server and automatically send your server statistics continuously to your nearest Xitoring’s Server and we use the data to generate graphs or find out if something’s wrong on your server (e.g. we’ll automatically notify you if your CPU or memory usage is above normal).

At first, our Bash Installer will help you installing the Agent with all dependencies automatically and set up it on your server as a Service. You can always update, remove, or stop it.

The Agent runs on a recurring interval and sends statistics to the nearest probe node, we’ll use the data to make sure everything is fine on your server and then use it to make useful graphs (Server Load, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk IO, and Disk Usage).

We have implemented strong security standards both within the product and outside with operational processes, using industry standards that will protect your data today and into the future.

All data transported from your server are secured with TLS 1.2 or above and we encrypt all stored data.

What data will you be collecting from Servers?

We only collect data that is necessary for generating Server Graphs and Server Statistics including CPU Usage, Server Load, Memory Usage, Disk IO, Disk Usage, Top processes, Installed Common Softwares, and general details including Hostname and IP Addresses.

You can see a sample of data we collect here

We support major Linux distributions and we’ll release the Windows Server’s Agent soon.

Xitogent is successfully tested on the following distributions but it’s proofed to work on most major distributions.

  • Centos 6/7/8
  • Fedora 27/30/31/32
  • Redhat 8
  • Ubuntu 14.04/15.04/16.04/18.04/19.04/20.04
  • Debian 5/6/7/8/9/10
  • OpenSuse 15.1
  • Rocky Linux 8.4
  • CloudLinux 8.4
  • AlmaLinux 8.4

Xitogent works well on dedicated servers, cloud servers, and, virtual servers.

At the moment there’s no support for OpenVZ virtual servers, we’re doing our best to support it soon.

Short answer: yes! Xitogent can be installed in docker full images and it should be properly working as long as you have an internet connection and preferably a dedicated IP assigned to the container for correct checks discovery.

Xitogent installation within a few seconds!

Diagram - How it works!