Xitoring Launched!


We’re proud to introduce our initial release of Xitoring, a Software as a Service, cloud based, and innovative Server Monitoring platform for who those are tired of traditional ways of Server monitoring.Our service is backed by cutting-edge technologies and using re-innovated software models that makes the whole process for the users much easier and faster.

You may ask yourself, there are already so many monitoring companies out there, why there should be a new one in 2021? well, we have been a customer of all those companies and they never deliver what we expected, the ease of use, the ease of installation, and the ease of configuration! we had to repeat the whole process again and again to start monitoring one of our servers. Xitoring is founded by experienced system administrators and the reason for the foundation is that it didn’t exist, so we had to use several apps to monitor our servers and always waste time. That’s why we spent years building this application, and we delivered very late, but it’s bullet-proof, because we made everything from scratch in a new, easy, and practical way.

Well, you already figured out the problem with other companies. Yes! the complexity of process for the user to add a new server to the monitoring system and configure checks, triggers, and alerts from scratch for each. Then, what’s our solution?

  • We let you add servers using one command, you may add hundreds of servers using Ansible or similar tools
  • Xitoring automatically create common triggers for Checks (HTTP, DNS, FTP, etc.) and metrics (CPU, Memory, etc.)
  • We provide the exact reason, not data, and you will know why you’re having issues.

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