Xitogent v2 released


We are very pleased to announce a new major version of Xitogent which has lots of improvements. Xitogent is now served on our private repositories for Debian and Redhat distributions and can be easily installed and upgraded on any Linux server. It’s written in Go Programming Language and it’s super-fast, has a smaller footprint, and provides wide OS support.

Xitogent v1 was our first product for agent-based monitoring solution on Linux and there has been a lot of issues and bugs which has been addressed over the time, but it has been months that it didn’t get any new patches and version because we have been working hard to provide a new major and stable version for enterprise usage.

Here are a few lists of features and changes on V2:

  • Improved service manager
  • Improved daemon
  • Log rotation handling
  • Netstat Statistics Support
  • Docker Statistics Support
  • Ability to pause or unpause sending data from Xitogent cli
  • Ability to trigger check discovery from Xitogent cli
  • Disk I/O calculation is now more accurate
  • Network statistics are now more accurate
  • New installer which supports GPG key for more security
  • Fix bugs parsing config file in some cases
  • and many small bug fixes!

All users using Xitogent v1 can update to v2 using one command, if you need help upgrading to v2 please contact us at [email protected] any time.

We will stop support for Xitogent v1 by July 31st, please make sure to upgrade as soon as possible.

You can read more about Xitogent here: https://xitoring.com/docs/

About Xitogent

Xitogent runs as a service on your server and automatically sends your server statistics continuously to your nearest Xitoring’s Server and we use the data to generate graphs or find out if something’s wrong on your server (e.g. we’ll automatically notify you if your CPU or memory usage is above normal). It runs on a recurring interval and sends statistics to the nearest probe node, we’ll use the data to make sure everything is fine on your server and then use it to make useful graphs (Server Load, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk IO, and Disk Usage).

If you’re new to Xitoring, you can register in a minute and start monitoring 5 Linux servers at no cost forever!

Stay tuned! more features are coming!

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