Xitogent CLI

Xitogent will come with a lot of CLI features, you can do almost anything using the Xitogent CLI. First of all, you can see a list of commands and arguments with:

xitogent help

It will show the below list:

Xitogent CLI


help         display help information
version      Show xitogent version
register     Add this server to your Xitoring account
start        Start xitogent
pause        Pause xitogent
unpause      Unpause xitogent
discover     Manually request for an IP scan (xitoring can automatically scan and add checks if you let it through server options)
test         Tests xitogent
unregister   Remove server on your control panel

Also, you can see the sub-arguments of command for example you can type:

xitogent help register

and it will show you a list of arguments that you can use with register:

Add this server to your Xitoring account


-h, --help             display help information
-k, --key             *Your unique account API key for adding a new server - found on your control panel (required)
-g, --group            Servers group name (string)
-s, --subgroup         Servers subgroup name (string)
-n, --notification     Notification role (string)
-d, --auto_discovery   Automatically detect new services
-t, --auto_trigger     Automatically detect and create trigger when server added
-u, --auto_update      Enable auto update for xitogent
-p, --module_ping      Create ping module automatically
-l, --module_http      Create http module automatically
-b, --module_dns       Create dns module automatically
-f, --module_ftp       Create ftp module automatically
-m, --module_smtp      Create smtp module automatically
-i, --module_imap      Create imap module automatically
-o, --module_pop3      Create pop3 module automatically
Last Updated: 5/11/2022, 1:45:02 PM