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Email Reports

You can make Xitoring generate reports about the uptime status of your checks in the selected time frames: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, and email them to you and your selected teammates.

For example, you can create a daily report and select the checks that you want to see the report about, select which recipients you want to get the report and you will get the email about those checks' uptime and incidents reports every 24 hours.

How it works

Working with email reports is very easy in Xitoring, you just need to select a name for your report and assign which checks you want to see the report about on the report you are creating, Checks are sorted based on the group and sub-group to make it easy to find your preferred checks.

You have the option to include or exclude the paused checks in your reports so you get exactly what you want to see in each report.

Also, you can select from your recipients' list so Xitoring will send the report to your teammates and colleagues.

  • Daily Reports: you get an email report every day at 10 AM UTC.
  • Weekly Reports: you get an email report every week on at Monday 10 AM UTC.
  • Monthly Reports: you get an email report every 1st of the month at 10 AM UTC.