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Netstat Integration

Supported platforms

The following guide is working on Linux and Windows servers but some details could be quite different based on the OS version.

Netstat is a command-line network utility that is used to present different network information such as connections for transmission control protocol, and routing tables on different network interfaces and protocols. Netstat is used more for troubleshooting situations than for performance measurements. however, the netstat command can show the amount of traffic on the network to ascertain whether there is a performance problem with your network congestion.

Enable Netstat Integrations

There is no need for any configuration to enable the Netstat integration on Xitoring, The Netstat CLI tool doesn't have to be installed on your server, and Xitogent does not use the Netstat CLI. For now, the Netstat integration will be automatically enabled for your server upon registering your server.

Last Updated: 4/3/2023, 8:51:52 PM