What is Netstat

Netstat is a command-line network utility that is used to present different network information such as connections for transmission control protocol, routing tables on different network interfaces and protocols. Netstat is used more for troubleshooting situations than for performance measurements. however, the Netstat command can show the amount of traffic on the network to ascertain whether there is a performance problem with your network congestion.

Where is Netstat

First, you can check if you have Netstat already installed on your system or not, most of the Linux distros have Netstat installed on them by default.

which netstat

If you have Netstat installed on your system you must see an output similar to /usr/bin/netstat.

Install Netstat

Below you can use the provided commands to install Netstat on your system based on your Linux distro.

RHEL/CentOS based OS

yum install net-tools

Debian/Ubuntu based OS

apt-get install net-tools

Enable Netstat Integrations

The fun part is that there is no need for any configuration to enable the Netstat integration on Xitoring, you just need to have the Netstat CLI tool installed on your server, Then Xitogent will automatically detect everything and start gathering your network data to send for monitoring.

You just need to navigate to your server's overview page and look for the Netstat block.

netstat data block
Last Updated: 7/21/2022, 11:21:07 AM