Creating Notification Roles | Xitoring Document

Creating Notification Roles

You just need to enter the name for it and click on save. then you can click on that Notification role from the list and do some configurations, from the Recipients section you can choose from your already added teammates, and also you can add Custom Recipients and enter your name. email, and phone number for them.

Test Notification Roles

After creating a Notification Role you can send a test notification, this will create a dummy incident notification and send it to that specific notification contact option so that you can be sure of your notification role setup and be confident that you'll get the notifications as soon as an incident happen.

Using Notification Roles

Notification Roles are the core of the notification system, you can access them from the sidebar menu. On the Notification Roles page, you can see a list of your already created notification role, you can also create different Notification roles for different triggers.

Last Updated: 9/8/2021, 12:12:37 AM