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Zapier Integration

Using Zapier integration you can easily manage to get incidents in your Zaps, and create external integration for your comfort.

How it Works

  • Xitoring notifications will send an event to Zapier when an incident happens or resolves.


  • You need a paid account or trial account on Xitoring to use this integration.
  • Sub-accounts (Teammates) can set up this integration if they have "Write" access to the related group.

Creating a Zap

Log in to your Zapier account. 2. Click on + Create and choose Zaps. 3. Search for Xitoring on Triggers. 4. Select New Incident from the Events list and click on Continue. 5. Now click on Sign in to connect your Xitoring account to Zapier. 6. You will be redirected to Xitoring, click on Authorize to proceed. 7. In the Trigger section, choose the Notification Role you'd like to bind to the Zap. 8. Click on Test, and you will see two incidents (Incident A and Incident B). 9. Now Select any action you'd like to take and proceed.

In Xitoring

Zapier integration automatically bounds to the notification role that you selected, and there's no need to manually enable Zapier on a notification role.

It's recommended to use Send a test notification to make sure the integration is working properly. For any questions or concerns you can contact [email protected]

How to Uninstall

You can easily disable the integration on Xitoring -> Notification roles, or remove or disable the Zap on your Zapier account.

Last Updated: 4/2/2024, 2:34:46 PM