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Uninstall Xitogent on Linux

Unregister Xitogent

If you want to remove your server data from the Xitoring, in other words, you want your server to stop sending data and all of the stored data from your server will be removed from Xitoring you can easily execute the following command in your SSH:

xitogent unregister

Please note that the above command will not remove Xitogent and its files and components from your server, doing that you need to follow the next section's instructions:

Uninstall Xitogent

For uninstalling Xitogent from your server which will remove the following things from your server leave nothing related to Xitogent on your server:

Xitogent Package including:

  • xitogent binary
  • xitogent service on systemctl
  • xitogent.conf the config file on /etc/xitogent
  • xitogent.log and all rotated log files

For yum or dnf:

yum remove xitogent
dnf remove xitogent

For apt:

apt remove xitogent
Last Updated: 2/25/2024, 2:01:59 PM