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Status page

Status pages are one of the most important pieces of your incident management process, Creating a public status page and providing it to your users can be very beneficial, for example:

  • Users/Clients can be ensured of the status of your services at any time
  • It can eliminate duplicate or false tickets which can be submitted from users at the time of any incident.
  • You can inform your users of future maintenance or incidents.

Create a Status Page

Creating a status page on Xitoring is very straightforward, Just navigate to Status Page from the Side menu, and Click on Create a New Status page on the top right side of the page.

In the create page you see two parts for configuration:

Page Details

In this section you enter initial details for the new status page, you can set a title, a Custom URL (if you are a paid user), or a logo.

Assign Checks

In this section, you can select which Checks you are willing to show information and details about on the status page.

You can see and select all of the checks despite of whether they are checks that are related to servers or independent checks. you can also select whole checks from groups or sub-groups with just one click.

Custom URL

One of the most important features that we offer in any of our paid plans is that you can make your status pages visible with your domain.

In the creating page, you enter the domain that you want your status page to be available on for example after that, you just need to add a simple line to your domain configurations like the below:    CNAME

List and Edit Status pages

Navigate to the Status pages from the side menu, you can see the table that contains the information you need to see about your status pages at a glance.

You have the option to view, edit and delete each one of your status pages.