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Email Integration

Email is the most common and most basic notification method of Xitoring, upon registration a notification role called default will be created for the user that contains the Email that the user signed up with. Notification roles can be edited anytime from the Notification Roles page.

Email notification sender addresses

The following table will indicate the Email addresses that Xitoring uses to send you different notifications:

Sender AddressPurpose
[email protected]Incident reports
[email protected]Billing and Invoice Details
[email protected]Support Tickets

Custom recipients

You can choose any of your emails, including your sub-accounts (teammates). You can also define Custom Recipients which means providing email addresses to get notifications and alerts without being a teammate or sub-account.


Custom recipient should verify their email address before receiving any incidents from Xitoring. make sure to get the addresses verified first.

Last Updated: 8/16/2023, 7:06:13 PM