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Incidents are probably the most important thing when you work with Xitoring, Incidents are how Xitoring informs you that something is wrong. For example, You have a server registered in Xitoring for monitoring, it has 4 Checks: HTTP, DNS, Ping, FTP and their availability is crucial for you, Xitoring will consistently monitor them for availability but when one of them gets out of reach based on the configured trigger for that specific Check, after the down report has been verified by the global probing node system of Xitoring then an Incident will be opened for that Check with the root cause of that problem which can help you diagnose the problem as fast as possible.

Incident reports will notify you and your team members based on the notification role assign to the trigger.

Incidents Overview

The Incidents Overview page (accessible from the sidebar menu) is one of the most important overview pages in Xitoring, in this page, you can see all of your incidents from all your servers and checks in one place. all of the information on this page is real-time and live, so anytime an Incident happens the report will be added to the page automatically. The open incidents are separated from the resolved incidents in a tree view you can expand each incident and view more details about them.

xitoring incidents page

Filter Incidents

at the left side of the page, you have the search and filter section which will help you find incidents based on chosen filters, you can filter incidents based on, Group, Status. you even have the option to separate Checks from Metrics

Last Updated: 4/12/2023, 8:48:25 PM