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Maintenance Schedule

The Maintenance Schedule feature allows users to temporarily pause monitoring on selected servers and checks. This is useful when a user wants to perform technical tasks such as updating the operating system or applying fixes, and they do not want to receive reports of any downtime during that time. Using Maintenance Schedules users can prevent false positive reports of downtime and ensure that their monitoring results are accurate and relevant.

How to create a Maintenance Schedule

Navigating to the Maintenance Schedule page from the side menu, you can see the Add new maintenance Schedule button. there are some fields that you have to fill to create a maintenance schedule:

  • Start: Set a start date and time for beginning the maintenance window. Please make sure you provide correct input, based on your timezone.
  • End: Set an end date and time for ending the maintenance window. Please make sure you provide correct input, based on your timezone.
  • Description: You can explain the reason for the maintenance window or simply leave a note.
  • Share to Status Page: If you select this option, the information of maintenance including the Start, End, Description, and affected components will display on all of your Public Status Pages automatically.
  • Checks: From this section, you can select from all of your uptime Checks, You can also select a group or a sub-group to add all of it to the maintenance schedule
  • Servers: Select which of your servers you want to add to the maintenance schedule, you either can add a whole server (uptime and server monitoring) to the maintenance or select which checks of a server you want to add to the maintenance schedule.

After saving the maintenance schedule, monitoring will automatically be paused during the specified period. And you won't see any downtime, incidents, or alerts during the maintenance window.

You can view and manage existing maintenance schedules at any time by navigating to the maintenance schedule page from the side menu. If you need to make changes to an existing maintenance schedule, you can edit or delete it as necessary.

Last Updated: 12/14/2023, 11:58:46 AM