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Update Xitogent on Windows

Every time a new release is available if you have your auto-update enabled upon installation of the Xitogent, an auto-update tool will install the latest version on your server in a matter of seconds, without any interruptions.

Manual update of Xitogent

If you are running Xitogent earlier than v2.7 you can run xitogent update for a force update to the latest version.

Repair Xitogent

If Xitogent is misbehaving you can also install the latest installer file, and run it with a "--repair" flag on CLI or Powershell.

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri 'https://mirror.xitoring.com/windows/install.exe' -OutFile '.\install.exe'
.\install.exe --repair

Manual update of Xitogent (legacy)

The Xitogent updater is placed inside the Xitogent directory in the Program Files:

C:\Program Files\Xitogent\update.exe

If you are running Xitogent earlier than 2.5 please run:

C:\Program Files\Xitogent\xitogent-updater.exe

So you can manually update Xitogent on your server using that executable file any time you need.

If encounter any issues while updating, please contact support@xitoring.com

Last Updated: 2/25/2024, 2:01:59 PM