Why Agent-Based Monitoring

In the 90s Monitoring was conquered by just 4 big companies, during those years agents used to be heavyweight, taking up a lot of resources on any system. Installing and maintenance of agents was very complicated, Agentless monitoring allowed system administrators to monitor servers and software without the need to install any third-party software or application (Agents), Agentless monitoring systems were used protocols like SSH, WMI, and APIs to collect the same data that agents would collect. but nowadays with the benefits of new programming features and Evolving OSes Agents are running with almost 0 footprint. Also installing and deploying Agents are made so easy with the use of installer scripts.

What is Xitogent

Xitogent is a python-based and open-source application that is the core of our innovation, Xitogent can collect data from your servers in an efficient way. it’s very lightweight, easy to install, and configurable. We are always developing Xitogent to improve and add features, At this time Xitogent has been tested on all major Linux Distros which are the most used OSes in the market.

Last Updated: 7/21/2022, 3:44:39 PM