# Installation

You can easily install Xitogent and add your server to your Xitoring in a matter of seconds, Yes, that’s one of our strong points. you just need to run one command in your server’s terminal, Our installer will install Xitogent, and its dependencies, Checks, and Triggers will be configured automatically and we’ll send you an email notification upon the server is successfully added to the Xitoring, We designed everything to be simple and as fast as possible.

# OS Support

We support major Linux distributions and we’ll release the Windows Server’s Agent soon.

Xitogent is successfully tested on the following distributions but it’s proofed to work on most major distributions.

  • CentOS 6/7/8
  • Fedora 27/30/31/32
  • Redhat 8
  • Ubuntu 14.04/15.04/16.04/18.04/19.04/20.04
  • Debian 5/6/7/8/9/10
  • OpenSuse 15.1

# Automatic Installation

With the power of our Bash Installer, the automatic installation process will be summarized in copy and paste just one command on the terminal of your server. After you registered in Xitoring and verified your email address you will be enabled to add your servers to the panel. So just navigate to the Servers page, you can see the command provided for automatic installation from the Add Server window.

Add Server Window

As you can see in the picture above, you have many options to customize how to add a server to the Xitoring:

  • Group: You can select which group or sub-group you want to add your server(s) to.
  • Notification Role: Select the notification role that you want to assign to the server from the list.
  • OS Select your OS from the supported OS(s) list in this section.
  • Options:
    • Auto Discovery: Enable or Disable Auto Discovery service upon adding your server to the Xitoring.
    • Auto Update: If you want to disable the Auto update feature for Xitogent you can use this button.
    • Auto Trigger: By default Xitoring will create a default trigger automatically for each of your server's assets, you can disable this feature using this option.
  • Checks: Xitoring will create a check automatically for each of the protocols if they are running on your server(s). you can disable each of them from this section.

# Manual Installation

When you are using the Automatic installation for Xitogent you get the binary version, If you want to use the open source version and set everything up yourself you can checkout our Github (opens new window) repository for Xitogent and use the installation manual there.

# Uninstalling Xitogent

Xitogent has a built-in Uninstall function which can be used to Uninstall Xitogent from your server with absolutely no footprint, you can also delete your server from the Xitoring panel using this function.

xitogent uninstall