Update Xitogent

We are always developing Xitogent to add new features and make it better, so you can get access to the new changes through updates, With Xitogent you have two main update solutions, Auto Update, and Manual Update.

Automatic Update

If you have been enabled Xitogent's auto-update at the time of adding your server then, every time a newer version is available, Xitogent will automatically download the new version on your server and test if everything is working flawlessly with this new update. if the new version works perfectly then it will be replaced with the older version and the Xitogent service will be restarted to take effect, this process is happening in a matter of seconds.

you can verify that you have the newer version installed with:

xitogent --version

Manual Update

The manual update is used when you disabled auto-update for that server. so basically what you need to do is simply run the following command to force the Xitogent to download and replace the updated version:

xitogent update
Last Updated: 9/7/2021, 7:42:37 PM